Why Use Respite Care as a Trial Stay for Senior Living

Why Use Respite Care as a Trial Stay for Senior Living

Respite care is a beneficial service that offers family caregivers a break from their daily responsibilities. What many people don’t realize though is that it can also benefit seniors who are on the fence about a move to long-term senior living.

At Country Place Senior Living, our respite care program allows seniors to experience what life is like in our community before moving in full-time. Here are some benefits of using respite care as a “trial stay” for your senior loved one.

Get to know the residents and staff.

No matter your age, big transitions in life, such as moving into assisted living, can cause feelings of uncertainty and apprehension. The good news is that many of these anxious feelings go away once you become familiar with your new setting and form new connections with other residents.

A short-term stay gives seniors the opportunity to meet current residents and staff. During your stay, get a feel for the community culture and day-to-day life. Likewise, using respite care as a trial stay allows you to form new relationships with current residents. If you decide to move to the community, these new friendships will make the transition more enjoyable and comfortable.

Participate in community life.

When you stay as a guest in respite care, you gain the same access to community activities and services as a full-time resident. At Country Place Senior Living, we offer a variety of amenities that cater to a wide range of interests, including:

  • Restaurant style dining
  • Senior-friendly exercise program
  • Quiet library for clubs and bible studies
  • Well-appointed living areas for gathering with friends
  • Outdoor areas to relax and enjoy the landscaping

Each Country Place residence also employs a full-time activities director who develops and actively oversees a robust Life Enrichment Program. Calendars are published monthly, and residents are free to select from the activities that interest them most.

Experience the living space.

Through a trial stay, seniors can stay overnight in a room like the one in which they would be living if they were a resident. During your stay, pay attention to the layout, amenities and safety features. Do you feel comfortable and are your needs being met? An overnight stay is a great way to get a true feel for the living arrangements and decide if the space is right for you.

Receive personalized care.

One of the top reasons you or your loved one might decide to move to assisted living is to receive support and care with activities of daily living. A respite trial stay is a great way to get a feel for the quality of care you receive and the staff members you interact with. Are the caregivers warm and welcoming? Are they attentive to your unique care needs?

Schedule a Respite Stay at Country Place

At Country Place Senior Living, our respite care services give prospective residents an opportunity to experience our assisted living communities without the commitment. It is especially beneficial if your loved one is reluctant to transitioning to senior living.

Guests at Country Place enjoy the same support and amenities as long-term residents including:

  • Spacious, private suites with kitchenette, living room, bedroom and private bathroom
  • Full-time nurse with 24-hour staff supervision
  • Three delicious home-cooked meals daily, served restaurant-style and enjoyed with new friends
  • Enriching community activities and amenities

We invite you to schedule an in-person tour to learn more about our respite services and what we offer throughout our senior living communities.

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