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The Benefits of Lifelong Learning As You Age

The ability to learn new things doesn’t diminish with age. In fact, the potential for learning continues to grow as you get older. Studies suggest that ongoing learning keeps seniors physically active, mentally alert and socially involved, all of which have a significant impact on quality of life. Here are some important benefits of lifelong learning for seniors.

Improved brain health
Research shows that older adults who spend time learning a new skill have increased memory function and improved brain health. Whether it’s studying a new language, learning a new instrument, reading a book or finishing a puzzle, seniors who regularly pursue new talents, help slow cognitive decline and stay mentally active as they get older.

Stronger social connections
As social circles grow smaller, many older adults find themselves longing for more socialization. Fortunately, one of the greatest perks of residing in a senior living community is that it’s easy to build friendships with neighbors and participate in engaging activities. At Country Place, we have an entire social calendar dedicated to group learning activities and socializing. Whether it’s learning to knit with a neighbor, trying a new recipe with a friend or joining a book club, you will get to meet other people who share your interests, which is a great foundation for a new friendship. Many of our residents at Country Place Senior Living have created strong connections through shared hobbies and interests.

Enhanced mood
There’s a strong sense of accomplishment that comes with learning something new. Pursuing an interest or learning a new skill can be an enriching experience that provides satisfaction and enhanced self-confidence, no matter what your age. Start by setting small, achievable goals that motivate you to learn and grow. For example, if you love to read, set a goal to finish a certain number of books each month. Or, maybe you aim to learn how to play the piano by the end of the year. Whatever you set out to achieve, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you reach your milestones, which can improve your mood and overall health.

Continue Learning and Growing at Country Place Senior Living

One of the best parts of living in an assisted living community is that you have the time to learn and explore whatever your heart desires. At Country Place, every day is a new opportunity to learn and thrive.

Each Country Place residence employs a full-time activities director who develops and actively oversees a robust Life Enrichment Program. Each day we offer a variety of activities and events designed to enhance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of our seniors. The activities and events are thoughtfully selected based on the unique needs and preferences of the residents.

We want our residents to get the most out of their retirement years, so we make lifelong learning for our residents a priority through a vibrant activities schedule, amenities and more!

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