Indoor Activities for Seniors

Indoor Activities for Seniors During the Winter

The cold, the snow, and the lack of daylight all have the potential to make the winter months feel especially long, boring, and isolating for older adults. However, it’s important for seniors to stay engaged and active all year round to maintain good health and wellness.

Fortunately, at Country Place Senior Living, residents don’t need to go far to find engaging activities all winter long. Here are some simple ways seniors can pass the time during winter.

Learn a new skill

Wintertime is the perfect time to try something new. By challenging yourself with a new hobby or skill you can help keep your mind sharp and your mood positive. Think of something you’ve always wanted to try or learn, like playing a musical instrument, painting, or yoga. Invite friends to learn alongside you as a fun way to socialize with others. Keeping your brain active is one of the best ways to prevent cognitive decline in your senior years. Here at Country Place, we help our residents stay mentally stimulated by providing opportunities to learn and grow through regularly scheduled activities and events.

Get creative

If you must be indoors, consider using your free time to make something for yourself or someone you love. Knit a blanket for a friend or family member. Bake cookies for your neighbors. Build a scrap book of photos and memories to share with loved ones. Being creative is a great way to exercise your brain while doing something you love.

Make time for exercise

Working out leads to increased happiness, higher energy levels, lower blood pressure, and a healthy weight. Whether it’s dancing, a group fitness class, or a quick walk outside, exercising is one of the best things you can do for your aging body. Residents at Country Place enjoy our Seniorcize® and group fitness classes as a great way to stay active all winter long in the company of good friends and neighbors.  

Surround yourself with other people

A great way to pass the long, winter days is by surrounding yourself with other people who share your same interests and passions. Join a group of neighbors for a bible study or reading club. Meet a friend for manicures, a movie, or a game of bingo. Invite your family over for lunch or coffee. Country Place provides numerous opportunities throughout each month to engage with other residents through fun activities and events.

Enjoy Enriching, Fun Indoor Activities this Winter At Country Place Senior Living

At Country Place Senior Living, we know how important it is to stay active and engaged, especially in the winter when outdoor activities are limited. However, even in the chilly winter months, our beautiful communities offer a variety of fun, indoor activities, programs, and amenities to keep residents busy and active all winter season. Learn more about our activities, or schedule a tour today!

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