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Why Routines Can Be Good for Your Health

As we get older, it’s not uncommon to lose control over our independence, mobility and cognitive abilities. While adjusting to these changes and life transitions can be challenging, having a structured routine can make things easier for both seniors and their families.

Here are four key benefits older adults can enjoy by establishing a daily routine: 

Routine Improves Physical Health

As you get older, taking care of physical health becomes more important than ever. And in many ways, physical wellbeing is shaped by the small, mundane choices made each day, which is why establishing a consistent routine can greatly improve a senior’s overall health.

For many older adults, a good, daily routine should include self-care, mealtimes and physical activity. For example, when you prepare and eat your meals at the same time every day, your body is more likely to receive consistent nutrition. Similarly, if you build physical activity into your day, whether it is a daily walk or weekly group fitness class, you will be more motivated to follow through with an exercise plan.

Routine Reduces Stress

The loss of control that seniors experience as they age can make them feel anxious and stressed, especially older adults with dementia. One way to help combat stress is to create structure in the day through a daily routine. When seniors know what to expect, it can create a sense of comfort and stability while ensuring that they are still completing important daily tasks, like taking medications, even when stress levels are high.

Routine Encourages Healthy Sleep Habits

Everyone needs adequate sleep to function properly throughout the day—older adults included. Research shows that quality sleep can help with memory, critical thinking and positive moods, yet many seniors have difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep. Having a consistent bedtime routine can help. For example, a nightly routine might include taking a warm bath, drinking tea and reading a chapter book. The more seniors follow this routine, the easier it will be to fall asleep on time as your body begins to expect it.

Routine Provides Safety and Security

When older adults live in a constant state of uncertainty, it can lead to increased confusion. Studies show that following a routine can help improve cognitive issues and provide stability when new or confusing things come a senior’s way. As a result, older adults feel more safe and secure, particularly if they are dealing with memory loss or dementia.

Daily Routines in Senior Living Communities

There may come a time when it is no longer safe for your older loved one to remain alone in their home. If you have reached this point, it may be time to consider some level of long-term care, like independent living, assisted living or memory care. Senior living communities, like Country Place, work hard to provide seniors a sense of framework and routine, while also ensuring residents remain safe and healthy with access to support and care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information about Country Place Senior Living, contact our team today. Discover how we can help create a successful daily routine for the seniors in your life by scheduling a tour!

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